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Tree Removal

Our company is well equipped to handle both large and small removals efficiently and effectively. Whether it’s with our crane, bucket trucks or climbing, we have the ability to do it all

Tree Cabling / Bracing

Tree cabling involves installing a single cable onto a limb or weak/compromised tree and connecting to a stronger limb. Contact us today for a free estimate and how we can help you and your trees live longer and keep you safe

Air Spade

Air Spades are used for removing soil around the base of a tree. This exposes the tree’s complex root system, which is ideal for situations like Preparation for root inspection, Diagnosis of tree concerns or diseases etc.

Pruning / Tree Trimming

Mr. Tree takes great pride in professional pruning and we are consistently staying up to date on all aspects of proper pruning care to ensure the best health and growth for your trees

Plant Health / Fertilization

IIn addition to tree health, we also specialize in plant health and will work with you to optimally care for your plants year round. Fertilization for plant and tree health is equally as important and we are ready to assist you

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